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We are now 'The Follans'...

This will be the last blog entry for this blogsite as we now have an entirely new brand called... The Follans.

So, why the name change you ask? Well....

Over 6 years ago, we started "Follan Photography" with a small budget and big dreams. Andrew was the sole photographer, and Sarah was the background force keeping the cogs turning. Well 6 years of evolution has transformed Follan Photography into a buzzing husband & wife team fanatically shooting weddings like crazy. 

For some time now we have been wanting to re-brand to better reflect "us". The term Follan Photography is just a bit "blergh" (ie... BORING) and we like to think we're far from boring wedding photographers!

But what was a good new business name? It had to reflect us, our style, our personalities.....but who were we? It took awhile, but in the end the answer was right in front of us. We're simply 'The Follans'! 

We realised that our friends & clients were always affectionately calling us "The Follans", so it just seemed to fit perfectly. We offer a very personal, uncomplicated and genuine service, so when our couples gets asked who is shooting their wedding, rather than saying xyz studio, or abc photography, they simply have to tell the truth and say the The Follans! Plus we just think it sounds cool!

To pull everything together, we engaged the services of our talented and just plain awesome designer Kynan from Sculpt Communications. It's no secret that we aren't your usual type of wedding photographers. Although we love beautiful things... the current trend towards minimal, vintage, cutesy etc typelooking branding for wedding photographers is SO NOT US! Our wedding photography style is more urban, edgy and fun, with a little bit of glamour thrown in. So when we told our designer that was what we wanted our branding to reflect but to still appeal to brides, we knew we were asking a lot from Kynan and his team. The result......perfection! We ABSOLUTELY love the brand, logo & website he has developed for us. It definitely encapsulates us. 

We are also super excited to expand our portrait side of the business. We have always offered portraits, however they have always taken a back-seat to our weddings so we have never really promoted them that much. We have always loved doing portraits and are excited about pursuing our creativity in this area. We definitely will not be your typical "family portrait photographers". So if you've been wanting portraits done of your kids or family but have yet to be inspired by anything currently offered, then we are who you are looking for.

Because a blog post is so much nicer with an image, we leave you with a glimpse of our new brand... you can check the rest out here!


So please, head over to our new home at and like our new facebook page at to continue following all our client work and much, much more of our crazy lives.

See you over at our new home on the web...

Andrew & Sarah aka 'The Follans'


New Facebook Page...

As some of you will know, Sarah and I are in the middle of a rebrand. A huge change!!! Well I am happy to say that it is almost complete!

The first stage is our new Facebook page - - would love it if you could jump on over to Facebook and like the new page so that you can be one if the first to see our new website when it launches.

We will announce it on facebook first.



Megan & Zelko {The Ivy, Sydney}

The thing we love the most about being wedding photographers...

One week we can be shooting a crazy serbian wedding...

Then a beautiful wedding in the middle of a national park...

Then a fashion inspired wedding at one of the hottest nightspots in Sydney, The Ivy.

Love. This. Job.

Sarah and I can't wait to get back to The Ivy later this year!!!


Natalie & Glenn {Lilyvale, Royal National Park}

It rained at Natalie & Glenn's Wedding... a lot.

Luckily we had the coolest, most relaxed bride and groom ever. Nothing can't spoil a day which is filled with "Beer, Wine, Cocktails and Fun"... with a lot of love thrown in!

I love the idea of a card for Natalie's "new" birthday! 

I think Betsy Johnson is my new favourite shoe designer... sorry Jimmy!

Tell me if there is anything more a mate could do then to grow a beard (over more than a year) just for your mates wedding. I do believe a few of these beards may have been shaved the very next day! The boys may deserve a round of applause, but I think their wives and girlfriends need a shout out for letting the boys grow them!!!

Also, just so no one thinks less of him... Anthony (second from left) could not grow a beard due to his work commitments with Cirque du Soleil. Anthony was bearded in spirit!

I love a bride that is more interested in having fun then the bottom of her wedding dress. Love you Nat!!!!


Vesna & Davor {Oatlands House, Sydney}

 How much fun are Serbian/Australian weddings?

Read on...

The image below almost sums up the entire day :)

In Serbia, the groom is given a shotgun to shoot the apple. I must admit, I was a little disapointed when Davor said there would be no shotgun :) Guess I will just have to shoot my next Serbian Wedding in Serbia ;)

Anyone know anyone getting married in Serbia?

Whilst I was in the house getting photos of Vesna, there was an insane party going on out the back... lucky Sarah was there to capture it all...

This has to be one of the best photos we have ever taken. EVER.

The reception was at the gorgeus Oatlands House. Great staff, great food and great grounds to shoot in :)

Serbian weddings are just all too much for some...

~ A