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The Tigers. My Tigers.

When I was about ten, maybe eleven, I decided that the Parramatta Eels were not my style. Too soft... I needed a strong team, with a strong mascot and just as importantly, strong colours. The Balmain Tigers were the perfect fit. I'm sure my parents thought there was something wrong with me, they may have considered adopting me out? but they let me be my own boy and stood by and watched as my new beloved Tigers would lose both the '88 & '89 Grand Finals!

I stood by my Tigers.

It would take 17 years before we made it back to the Grand Final. 2005, this time we won 30 - 16 over The North Queensland Cowboys. I watched the game on a huge screen while laying on the lawn of a winery in The Hunter Valley, I was one of very few Tigers supporters there. We were the loudest though! The Tigers have not made it since.

Another 5 years would pass (we still have not made the Grand Final, although we have come close) before I got too live out a dream. I got to be on the field, at the end of the tunnel as the boys ran out (I even got on TV becouse I didn't move out of the way quick enough! Rookie!)... with my camera.

Thanks to my fellow photographer and friend Kerry, I was given the opportunity to photograph a Tigers match. Not just any Tigers match though, a Leichhardt oval Tigers match (ok, it was Monday night game and not a Sunday afternoon game but still!).

It. Was. Awesome!

Note to Sarah - Shooting the Cheerleaders was part of the brief. Honestly!

Robert Lui.

Garreth Ellis.

Disappointment after the Knights scored.

Benji Marshall. I was disappointed I didn't really get a great shot of Benji front on. I guess that's part of the game.

Blake Ayshford with some Newcastle player falling flat on their face :)

Wes Naiqama from the Newcastle Knights. One of my favourite images from the night. This was just before he got put in report for a high shot.

Hopefully i'll get another chance at some more NRL games. Kerry? ;)



Aya & Tai

Something a little different from me today. Kids. No, not our kids again, other parent's kids :)

Whilst we were both working overseas, Sarah and I meet 14years ago amongst the amazing scenery of Banff Canada. Ok, so we meet in the dirty hostel kitchen but hey, there were mountains galore outside!

We also meet Matt. Matt is now living in LA with his gorgeous wife Tanya and his equally gorgeous kids Aya & Tai.

Earlier this year when Sarah and I took the family to America to attend WPPI in Las Vegas, we were lucky enough to spend a few nights in Los Angeles with Matt and his family. The world is such a small place now with facebook, skype, facetime etc... but there is still nothing like catching up with old friends and actually "meeting" their kids for the first time. Ok, I had actually already meet them when I was delayed in Los Angeles on my way to New York in December but they had not meet the kids or Sarah! One afternoon we met Tanya and the kids down at Huntington beach to walk around and take some pictures. Matt was meant to join us but he was, ummmm, let's just say knocked unconscious at work! He's ok though, apparently it's fun!

Here are the kids. They're adorable. We miss them. We hope to get back to LA soon to see them...



Carol & Jason

Love these two!



Karina & Kyle

Another 2011 wedding... another 2011 WET wedding!!!

Once again though Karina & Kyle didn't let it phase them, love my B&G's. Even 20 minutes before their ceremony at Old Goverment House Parramatta, they were both confident that the ceremony would go ahead outside... and It did.

I absolutely loved Karina's parents backyard. So many unique little touches :)



Kobi - *Sarah's Hi-Jack*

Kobi (aka Kobs & Kobster) is the eldest and quietest of our 3 (well as quiet as a Follan gets), a real thinker and basically has a very similar personality as me.  His mind is always ticking over, often on very random things. So random, that when these thoughts are then spoken out loud he is often returned with a puzzled "what the?" type look.  I still get this look often (especially from Andrew) lol.

So I get Kobi. We have a very special bond.

Family & friends are always saying "why isn't there more photos of Kobi on your blog?".  The truth is, Kobi is a VERY reluctant model.  We don't like forcing our kids to pose for us, and when you have Sienna & Jett jumping in stealing the limelight, Kobi is always just happily playing spectator and laughing at his brother and sister.

I found a few images to share. These were taken a couple of months ago by me when just Kobs and I went out one early morning. I was just playing around with my camera, testing some things and persuaded Kobs to come keep me company and be my model if I needed one.

Hope you enjoy.